Cardboard Carrier

Epi Bread

Studio Project II, 2018

All of us have transported items from a grocery store using various carriers—some of which were likely more successful than others. Unfortunately, the forms of objects are often determined by factors such as cost and time, with little thought given to the needs of the situations or the enjoyment of using the object. 


For this project, we were tasked with creating a unique carrier out of corrugated cardboard that neither ruined the integrity of our object nor the cardboard itself. 


Putting a heavy focus on form and human interaction, I found that the corrugated cardboard is stiff and awkward in contrast to the more fragile, wheat-shaped epi bread, making it even more pressing to combine the two components seamlessly.


Without the use of adhesive, I ended up creating a clutch-like carrier with a single sheet of 30" x 24" cardboard.


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