Chicken & Wafflez

Children's Book

Senior Capstone Project, 2018

Chicken & Wafflez is a children's book intended to increase political efficacy for the future generation by exposing kids (ages six to eight) to the concept of government and interest groups at an early age. It avoids dumbed down literature such as "the cat chased the rat" in order to stimulate critical thinking at a young age. Ask me for a copy!



In the United States, the public school curriculum either doesn't require any courses on U.S. Government to be taken. If it is a requirement, it's during most students' senior year of high school where many are already of voting age with no idea how it works. That was me at one point. Statistics show that political efficacy among 18 to 23-year-olds has hit an all-time low, so this was my out-of-the-box approach towards solving a problem that the American education system has been facing for countless years.



Research Process

1. Determined what makes a children's book "good" or "bad" through the creation of a matrix with categories ranking illustration, reading difficulty, and plot


2. Surveyed elementary school students/teachers along with high school students on how they would rank certain "classics" in the category


3. Sifted through and annotated over 100 children's books that are most popular in the libraries of elementary schools in the local area


Illustrations created in Illustrator, layout in InDesign, & printing by Peecho.


Special thanks to my mentor Karen Schaufeld for guiding me throughout the writing and illustrative process.