Light Engine

Supports Desk Work

Studio Project IV, 2018


We are beings that use light to understand the world we live in. The natural world has light as a part of it, and for many years we only knew the use of one natural source; the sun. In time we learned to make our own built-light, fire. Since then we’ve developed many other ways to generate and harness light.


Artificial light is the norm for much our world, easing our use of the night, illuminating spaces which natural light can never reach. Our lighting mediates our sense of time and space, thus it places a major role in our lives. 


As designers, we create important objects like lamps, that can provide people with beauty and enjoyment in combination with utility, which is why we’re taking on this challenge.


Read my full process on Medium.


•  To explore a range of ideas deeply through physical prototyping
•  To build many working models that can be evaluated
•  To use abstract forms to express concrete ideas
•  To use materials effectively
•  To produce well-crafted objects
•  To create objects that produce stunning light
•  To use photography as a critical component of the design process that informs subsequent steps