Bruce's Morning Brew

Acrylic on Canvas

Personal Work, June 2019

36" x 36"


Character development and painting is something that's extremely cathartic to me. As someone who often starts new projects with so much drive but struggles to finish just as strong, the process of planning a few ideas on ink and paper and seeing that chicken scratch turn into a full-scale reality over the course of a few hours or days bring me newfound joy every time.

With that said this was my first painting since June 2018. Half of going into design school was figuring out what "design" even meant. I began to disassociate art from design and with it, my love for painting because it was "too fine arts."

Bruce's Morning Brew represents a spitball of all the ideas I had running through my head during my first year of college, itching to get out. Bruce sits in a yearbook-esque portrait style, semi-sleepy, kinda greasy, but ready to take on whatever is to come for him.