Web/Mobile App

Data Visualization Competition, 2017


SexSpecs is a web app created in JavaScript and PHP for the 2017 Apps4VA competition. It analyzes teen pregnancy rates, STI rates, and abortion statistics across Virginia and formats the data into a user-friendly platform. This web app includes an interactive map, a ranking system by county, and outlines other sex ed resources for easy access.



Of the 130+ counties in Virginia, around half of these counties teach abstinence-based family life education while the other half utilize a comprehensive-based family life curriculum. Based on the provided data of STI rates, teen pregnancy rates, and early termination rates of young people ages 15-19 from 2012 through 2017, we found that counties with a comprehensive-based curriculum had lower teen pregnancy and abortion rates but higher STI rates.​




- First Place in Apps4VA Competition

- Presented at Virginia Board of Education Governance Meeting (Sept. 2017)