The Dangers of Surveillance Capitalism

Poster Series

Environments Design, Spring 2020

Project Brief

Design an environment that disturbs our preconception of scale (~2 weeks)


People, especially creatives, should care about cyber security as much as we do our physical security because it's not about having something to hide, it's about having something to lose (i.e. our work). But, what does civic engagement look like in the age of surveillance capitalism? This poster series explores what privacy means in the digital age by drawing parallels between surveillance and exploitation that treats the human experience as a free raw material and showcases the complexities that make creating regulation so difficult.


The three posters scale from the perspective of the individual to the U.S. court system and to the Tech Giants by following the narrative of Doug Pulaski, a fictitious character who endures the consequences of exposure.


Underlying Themes 

Unequal power dynamics, human experience as free raw material, parallels between surveillance capitalism and labor/conquest pattern in history

Doug Pulaski Data Breach

The system makes a predictive analysis that Doug will likely break up with his girlfriend soon based on their recent text exchanges.

Doug Pulaski Goes to Court

The court emphasizes the lack of basic privacy law within the U.S. and portrays the disarray that comes with defining what "privacy" means.

What is the Price of Freedom?

Is the product actually good, or are we just dependent on it? As people, we are inclined to believe that we cannot have the same experience without giving up our privacy.